Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still in Carmacks: Day 17 of the Yukon River Trip

Drying out The Sundowner on the Yukon River in Carmacks

Technically, we're still on the Yukon River, though we are tied to a tree at a public boat launch in Carmacks.  The .7 miles it takes to walk to town is a welcome to our legs that have seemed unused since we left our home in Indiana almost four weeks ago.  We take turns going into town for supplies or to explore while the other stays with the boat.  We were told not to leave our boat unattended (not that we would have anyway).  The locals are welcoming; it is nice to be around people again.

The rain has been on & off with brief visits from the warming sun.  So, it's been a constant battle to dry out our boat and gear.  When we think the soaking rain is almost at an end, it returns to drench us again.  We've been told that it's unseasonable wet this year in Carmacks…what, with 12 straight days of rain--ugh.  We were blessed not to encounter much rain while we were traveling the last 202 miles of the Yukon River (besides the last 65 miles), and I am grateful for that. 

I'm not sure if word has gotten around or if people are just happy the rain has let up, but we are most certainly peaking the interest of the citizens of Carmacks and the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation people, who reside across the river from us.  You would think a band of traveling players had arrived in town by the way they slowly drive around the circle drive…sometimes more than once.  Others put their vehicles in park and just stare at us.  And still others get out and talk with us about our journey down the Yukon River.  The village of Carmacks is used to seeing all sorts of paddlers, but I dare to say there's probably not been a pair quite like us with our camouflaged cabin donning the Nurpu skull and crossbones.  Actually, our visitors are providing us with our own sort of entertainment.  We've never seen so much rubber-necking in one spot.  We just hope that it's only curiosity that brings on the long stares.

Tonight is our last night on the Yukon River.  I am thankful we've been able to spend a few days on the river here in Carmacks once we finished paddling.  Carmacks is so quaint and friendly, and I know it will be hard tomorrow to say goodbye not only to the Yukon River but also to the sweet village of Carmacks.  

How will we spend our last night on the Yukon River?  Besides warming our feet by the fire, I'm guessing we've got gold panning & fishing on this evening's agenda.  

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