Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Good Men & Women

Several friends & family members have dedicated hours of their time to help us get our boat ready for our Yukon River Trip.  We are so thankful for everyone's help & support in trip preparations.

Josh & Erin (Jake's brother & our sister-in-law) spent an early April day painting the boat with us.

 Josh chose the colors and taped out an awesome camo design for our boat.

Camo Designer Josh Nieten
Erin Painting the Pontoons

Susan Painting the Pontoons

A Side and Rear View

Jake Nailing Down a Front Board to Our Cabin

Erin and Susan's Inside Paint Job

The next day Jake & I did a bit more work and painting.

At the end of April and after the rains, our neighbors pitched in on a Saturday and helped us.  Carl and JR helped Jake with attaching the oar locks and mounting the pontoon motor.  Karis helped me finish out the interior paint job.

Adding More Wood to Anchor the Oar Locks

We found this giant oar lock

Jake Mounting the Motor with JR and Carl

Adjusting the Trolling Motor

The Mounted Motor

Thanks to all who have helped build our dream!

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  1. It's looking good! Looking forward to hearing about the trip itself!