Monday, July 4, 2011

Entering Lake Laberge: Day 2 of the Yukon River Trip

The day went from bad to better.  :) 

Jake saw a grizzly coming toward our boat site (a NRS strap tied to a tree on the side of the rushing river) this morning and scared it off.  We later saw a huge black bear on the river's shore as we paddled.  These two spottings have not helped my immense fear of bears.  The bald eagles seem to travel in pairs, and I never would have expected to see more seagulls here in the Yukon than any other creature.

We entered Lake Laberge today; this lake is 30 miles long.  I hope the lake behaves...I've heard it can get pretty rough without notice.

Everything is so big here; it's too hard to put into words--such a weird feeling that I've never felt before now.  I'm not sure I like how the vastness of this land makes me feel.

Entering Lake Laberge

One of Our Many Bald Eagle Sightings

The View out of Our Back Window on Lake Laberge

One of My Overall Favorite Photos from Our Trip:
This was taken at our first night on Lake Laberge.  The sunsets were awesome just about every night.

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