Friday, July 8, 2011

Sneaking out of Lake Laberge: Day 5 of the Yukon River Trip

Jake & I slept most of the day--until 3 or so--to recover from yesterday's horrific experience with Lake Laberge.  Neither of us wanted to travel in the boat with waves.  As evening approached, we felt as though it was time to sneak out of the lake while the water was calmer, and we traveled the remaining miles of Lake Laberge throughout the night.  It was so cold.  We slept the morning away at Lower Laberge after snarfing down some ramen noodles.

We finally arrived at Lower Laberge in the early morning hours.

Jake Fishing at Lower Laberge--where Lake Laberge & the Yukon River Meet

After grabbing a few hours of sleep, we explored the historic sites of Lower Laberge before starting the Thirty-Mile section of the Yukon River.

Susan outside of a Lower Laberge Cabin on Lake Laberge

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