Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Wind on the Thirty Mile River: Day 7 of the Yukon River Trip

The frequent bluffs coupled with the strong winds create frightening situations for my slowly building (and sometimes falling) confidence.  I hate to admit it, but I bailed today.  When I say bailed, I mean the wind was pushing our boat sideways into a bluff, and I couldn't gain control.  I freaked.  I jumped forward and yelled for Jake to take over.  He had to scurry out from the cabin and take the oars.  Now, I did try to cope with the situation before bailing, but my arms--my arms were so worn out.  I had neither the strength nor the self-confidence to handle the obstacle.  Thank God for Jake; even with the wind and my mess, he got us straightened out and back on track.

Jake Fishing with High Bluffs in the Background on the Yukon River

After that, I don't know what it was, but it was so hard for me to pull it together.  This trip has been so hard, so exhausting, and so emotional.  I can't put my finger on what it is….my only guess is the fear factor.  It's all so big out here, and no one is around.  We've only seen 3-4 boats in the last 6 days.  The wind just grabs our boat.  If we wreck, we're in trouble--maybe life-threatening trouble.  And if we survived any trouble, it'd be quite a while before anyone would happen upon us to offer help.  And even then, it could be a kayaker that could take days to get to any sort of civilization to send help our way (maybe there's a reason Jake calls me Worst-Case-Scenario Girl?  haha).

I soaked through both of my boots today getting off of the boat--two different times, of course.  My lack of balance on the wobbly rock pile landing that we made was the cause of it.  Thank goodness Jake's backup pair of boots will work for the night to help keep my feet warm, but my favorite Point6 socks will have to dry overnight.  :(    (They have become the equivalent to a child's blanket to me.  They offer comfort and warmth, which help provide me with a weird sense of security.)

Our Favorite Point6 Socks from the Yukon River Trip


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