Monday, July 11, 2011

Rain on the Thirty Mile River: Day 8 of the Yukon River Trip

I wish I was stronger, could row more, handle more obstacles, and muscle my way through to help Jake more.  I feel he's taking the hardest blow of this crazy Yukon wind.  I'm trying--I really am.  I just feel so useless sometimes.  I lack the water reading ability that he has, and I certainly lack the strength.  I feel like a failure much of my rowing time.  I feel like I'm letting Jake down, and he's having to make up for my weaknesses.  Maybe we'll leave this spot, and the following miles will have no wind, no crazy rowing.  But, I honestly doubt that.  It could rain & rain, or the wind could blow & blow.  We could wreck.  We could die.  (Wow, there's Miss Worst-Case-Scenario Girl again….)  I can't really control any of that, and we can't take a detour from where the river will take us.  My hands are so tired.  I sometimes feel like this place is out to get us.  I just don't know what else I can do. 


It rained most of the morning…I'm so disappointed about the rain.  It couldn't have come at a worse time--our morale is so low.  I thought pancakes might lift the mood since we've been so hungry.  Through the off & on rain, I cooked pancakes, and they slowly worked their magic as we filled our very empty bellies.  That got us going; we worked on reorganizing the boat, and Jake caulked some leaks the rain showed us last night.  Oh, and we finally saw some people pass by in canoes & kayaks today!

Another Rainbow on the Yukon River

A Rare Glimpse of the Moon on the Yukon River

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