Friday, June 24, 2011

The Expedition Will Take Us to the Yukon!!

A big thanks goes out to Kent’s Automotive Service Team in Noblesville for getting our repairs done in record time.  The next time you need automotive services, contact Kent’s.  We’ve been going there for over a decade and are always happy with the work and prices.  This unexpected, last-minute repair had us wondering if we were going to make it to Canada.  We told Kent’s our goal:  to get the Expedition to the Yukon & back (over 6,000 miles) on our limited budget.  They were honest and told us what must be fixed to be safe and what could wait until after our return.  Thank you, Kent’s!

And here was our biggest culprit: 

All four rear control arms were crumbling apart; this was the worst of the four.  YIKES!

Now that our Expedition is drivable & safe, we plan to leave tomorrow to begin our journey of 3,193 miles to Whitehorse in the Yukon!


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  1. Good work! I'll be keeping up with you guys.
    B Kenley