Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back Home Again in Indiana...

After driving through the night one last time, I am happy to announce that WE ARE FINALLY HOME!  

How strange it was to pull into our driveway early this morning (around 7:00 AM).  As we approached our neighborhood, excitement festered and oozed out of us.  We wanted nothing more than to be out of the Expedition and done with our week-long drive, but as we pulled into our beloved neighborhood, a surrealness blanketed me.  The houses that led the way to our home were not as I remembered.  They seemed...smaller and...closer together.  The expected and anticipated familiarity of home did not embrace me.  The previous five years of residency seemed a lifetime away, not just a mere five weeks.  

After unhooking the Sundowner, we decided that it would be best to unload the boat & Expedition before getting too comfortable.  But before unpacking, we first explored our home, and thanks to our most awesome neighbor Karis, our air had been turned on the previous day and our fridge stocked with a few necessities (which included a couple of pizzas from Papa Murphy's, bread & deli meat...).  How blessed we are to have such awesome neighbors!  It truly is good to be home.

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