Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Sundowner Braves the Indiana Snow!

She traveled all the way to the Yukon Territory this past summer, but of course, the Sundowner never saw a flake of snow while in the Land of the Midnight Sun (though she did spend nearly 3 weeks carrying us through the 40-degree waters (°F) of Lake Laberge & the Yukon River.  The Yukon's summer days oozed warmth when the sun seemed to circumnavigate us in clear, blue and indescribably vast skies.  Our nights (which never really got dark like our Indiana nights) were more than chilly, but bearable with the right amount of layers and gear. 

photo by Ernie Mills

You may be wondering how the Sundowner is passing her days during this mild but finally snowy winter.  Well, stop by Nurpu River & Mountain Supply to see for yourself!  She's parked out in Nurpu's front yard, so you can't miss the Sundowner if you're driving in or out of Noblesville on SR 38.  Feel free to walk up and around the boat to get a deeper understanding of what it was like for Jake & I to call this boat our home for three weeks during this past summer as we ventured the waters of the wild Yukon River.  Once you're done wondering what could we have been thinking when we dreamed up this crazy adventure, head into Nurpu's log cabin store.  You don't have to be a kayaker or backpacker to find something that will climb to the top of your I-have-got-to-have-that! list. 
Nurpu River & Mountain Supply
16907 Mystic Road
Noblesville, IN 46060

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