Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crossing the Border

Jake & I didn't know what to expect before we reached border patrol.  We drove for eons on a narrow, desolate road from Glasgow, MT.  The sun was bright, and the air was dry.  The scenery gave us both the feel that we were heading for the Mexican border instead of our intended destination.  We soon noticed that we weren't seeing others coming or going.  We felt very alone and odd.  Our imaginations began to build an anxiety about crossing the border.  

Though we knew we had nothing to hide, we were concerned that they would tear apart our tightly packed food, gear, and supplies.  We were sure that they would have dogs sniff our boat & truck and that we would be questioned and possibly searched.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we got to the border and saw the building that housed the Canadian border patrol officers.

The little white building was the Canadian border station.

We were in and out of there in about 15-20 minutes.  Two officers processed us, and we're sure one was in training.  They wanted to see our passports and guns.  We were both asked why we were going to Canada and what we were doing with the boat.  That was all.  They searched nothing!  I was happy not to repack like I expecting.

A Canadian border officer took our first picture in Canada.


  1. Donna and I are relieved that you made it safe. We have been praying steadily and will continue to do so. We will be anxious to see your photos and hear your stories first hand. Your precious Gretel is doing very well and we may have to arm wrestle to see who gets to keep her when you get back.

  2. Wow, very interesting. I usually cross at Detroit or Port Huron, MI where it is crazy. Lines are long and it has taken over 2 hours before. One time they opened a Christmas present I was bringing to my parents from Lora's parents.